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We offer a range of services and packages that can be created to meet the demands of your business, and that can flex through the ups and downs of any business year. Please contact us if you have any questions or a need for assistance that isn’t listed here, as we are also happy to provide consultations free of charge.

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You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.


Good Bookkeeping Is The Foundation For A Successful Business

We at Clarified Accounting Ltd know how important accurate bookkeeping is. Maintaining your books well is vital for the health of your business and would also save costs on accounting and compliance.

Getting your bookkeeping right the first time makes both fiscal and common sense. With our software and resources, we’ll keep you updated on the status of your finances, ensuring you meet your deadlines. We will handle all your bookkeeping processes for you, prepare monthly reports and deliver them to you. Our bookkeeping service is easy to use, and you can send us your records via a cloud-based system or secured mails.

We are Certified Xero Advisors, FreeAgent Partners and can also work with Quickbooks Online.

You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

Filling out your self-assessment tax return can be confusing. Often, people do not understand how to register for tax returns and are not registered. Being able to determine the income to declare, as well as the allowable expenses or tax reliefs, can be a minefield. Using incorrect information can lead to severe penalties.

Allow us to prepare and file your self-assessment tax return to take the worry and uncertainty out of the process.

Having Trouble Preparing or Filing Your Tax Return?

Clarified Accounting Ltd’s qualified accountants will ensure your tax return is fully compliant, minimising your tax liability and maximising your income. We’ll begin early so that you won’t miss any deadlines.

You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.

Statutory Accounts & Corporation Tax

Statutory Accounts

Maintaining statutory accounts is an integral part of running a business and allows the key stakeholders to understand the state and performance of your business while also meeting the legal requirements by the Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. (HMRC)

Statutory accounts are often referred to as annual reports or financial statements because they include a number of key figures and information.

After registering with the Companies House, every company must file its first set of accounts 21 months later. Afterwards, the accounts are to be filed nine months after the company’s financial year ends. Depending on how long a filing is delayed, there could be a fine of up to £1,500.

Our Statutory Accounts Service Is Not Like The Annual Dental Visit That So Many People Dread

With all our clients, we have regular touch-points and use live data from the accounting systems to discuss the present and future, identify and exploit new opportunities.

By staying in touch regularly, we can get to know what your goals are and what matters most to you. There are many reasons to free yourself from the day-to-day, whether it’s to grow the business, prepare an exit strategy, or spend more time with your family.

You can count on us to make that happen for you.

There are no surprises when it comes to year-end. Soon after your year-end, we will begin preparing the accounts, including calculating Corporation Tax. This gives you plenty of time to incorporate that payment into your cash flow plan.

Corporation Tax

As a UK company, you are required to file corporation tax returns with HMRC and pay the tax due.

A new business needs to register with HMRC using its official forms, so it knows you are trading and may be due for corporation tax.

If your company is subject to corporation tax, you must calculate how much profit it makes in each accounting period and how much corporation tax is owed on those profits.

HMRC must receive this information on a corporation tax return form along with the company’s accounts, within the required deadlines in order to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Accountants from Clarified Accounting Ltd can provide assistance with the preparation of company accounts, tax computations and filing the returns. In addition, we are able to provide tax planning advice on any areas you and your business may benefit from.

You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.

Value Added Tax

VAT Returns

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business a long time, Clarified Accounting Ltd accountants can help you understand your VAT responsibilities.

As a new business, we can help you decide if VAT registration is required from the beginning. We will continue to monitor your situation so that, if it becomes necessary for you to register for VAT, we can handle all the administration for you.

Conversely, we will also keep an eye on your position and deregister you when we think it is appropriate for you.

We’ll also examine and advise on the suitable VAT scheme, depending on your type of business. A VAT scheme can save you money on taxes and reduce your bookkeeping duties.

Our staff can prepare your VAT return either from your own records or by handling your record-keeping and VAT return. 

As with other tax issues, we can act on your behalf for VAT purposes by communicating with HMRC.

You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.


Your employees probably consider payroll to be the most important of all visible accounting disciplines. Even so, as a non-standard accounting function, it can be quite challenging.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the complexity of a small business payroll function including sick pay, maternity pay, a salary sacrifice scheme & changes to tax laws. Furthermore, you need specialist software to meet your statutory reporting requirements.

With our payroll services, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will process the payroll for your employees on time, ensuring they receive accurate payslips. While we handle payroll, we’ll also prepare and submit HMRC statutory reports, such as Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE submissions.

Whether you run your payroll weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, we will:

You can rely on our resources, expertise, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. We will do our best to make accounting processes hassle-free for you.

Business Support

In business support sessions, we analyse your current situation, identify the business issues and suggest strategies to overcome them. You will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the industry through support sessions, as well as setting SMART goals that are in line with your business needs and that of the industry.

Business support sessions can unlock a variety of benefits because Clarified Accounting Ltd understands that it is hard to identify key indicators that can help the business grow.

You need a business plan if you want your business to grow. We can help you develop your business plans, challenge your assumptions, test the plans as well as provide ongoing support and advice to ensure you remain on track and learn from any missteps along the way. Our aim is to assist you in reaching your goals.

We offer the following Business Support services:


Our clients’ reviews will reaffirm that our claim is backed by high client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we serve them with easy and practical solutions so they have the best experience possible.

Mrs Towobola - Ashford, Kent

" Very thorough and in-depth explanation of the process of investment. I was guided through my first investment step by step. Having done a detailed background work, Clarified accounting gave me several options of suitable companies to invest in. These were all tailored to suit my request. I recommend this company. "

Dr. Mathew - East Sussex

“ I was having so much issues with my Tax and NI payments with the HMRC and was sent a huge amount which was asked to be repaid due to many confusions regarding my payments , both with my regular contract at the hospital and also due to the Locum work , I have been doing at other trusts. Bilkis has been amazing through out , giving me updates and keeping regular contacts with the HMRC. It has turned out that it was HMRC who had to pay me back from their side. I’m extremely grateful to the work she has done along with showing massive commitment to support me as a client during this tough period . I would recommend her service to all the doctors like me who are struggling with tax payments and HMRC issues.”

Miss Connolly - West Sussex

"I highly recommend working with Clarified Accounting! Bilkis was so friendly and helpful and was able to clearly guide me through the process of my first self-assessment tax return and answer all of my queries during her power hour session."

Engr. Bakare - Bangor

" I had disposable income and felt it is better put to good use rather than being kept in a bank. I sought from friends and families how to go about my predicament, this company came highly recommended and it has not been the same ever since then. I was given a thorough tutorial which was an eye opener. I will not hesitate to recommend the company to anybody in my situation. My worries are now reduced to watching my money working for me. "

Mr Roy - Ashford

“ You can’t ask for more as there's nothing greater than the 💯 service you received from this firm, expecially Bilkis who's my special accountant, I'll go to bed at the end of the tax year, with no worries about HMRC /my finances. Thank you Bilkis, keep up your good job.”

Dr. Chieng - Preston

" Strongly recommend Bilkis who was quite proactive in getting the job done. She was recommended to me by someone else and I would strongly recommend her to you as well if you need help with your accounting or filing for income tax. "

Dr. Sii Siaw - Preston

“ Strongly recommend Bilkis! This is my second time asking her for help. She gets it done within days, no delays! Impressive! She did my work out of hours! Reliable, approachable and always keep me informed about the progress! Going to ask her to do my self assessment again next year because she knows what she is doing! ”

Mrs Bailey - London

“ I relied on Bilkis’s accounting expertise. She provided detailed explanations of the financial analysis undertaken and the results. She has been creative in finding solutions to the issues faced in the business. She has been a trusted partner of the business from the very beginning. A true professional and would always recommend her.”

Miss Kodjo - London

“ Professional, friendly and amazing services provided by this company. Bilkis was very helpful in guiding me on investments and tax efficiency. She patiently explained and answered all my questions without making me feel uncomfortable. She willingly spent extra time to ensure I was clear and knew how to move forward with my investments and the tax implications. I would recommend Clarified Accounting for great tips and advice on accounting, personal finance and taxes.”

Mr Payne - Ashford, Kent

“Excellent service, very committed to meeting deadlines, my accounts were not being taken care of properly, when Bilkis engaged and took over the accounts things happened fast and she was able to be very flexible with meetings to work around my own busy schedule very happy with the service I'm receiving and look forward to having my accounts taken care of for me hassle free going forward. Definitely recommend for anybody who is in need of an accountant.”

Mr Uddin - London

“Very happy to recommend the service. Dealt with my accounts while I was away in Qatar, handled everything without much intervention from me. Great for small businesses.”

Miss Karl - London

" Bilkis is a gifted accountant. She is very committed, patient and always willing to assist ”

Mr Aina - Ashford, Kent

“ Excellent service and pleased with how my account was handled. I will sincerely recommend the accounting firm to any company who want a detailed accounting service. ”

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